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Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

Our practiced experts have the capability to help you select and implement the best possible enterprise applications for your operations. With decades of experience from which to draw, we can assist you in selecting a variety, depending on the needs of your business or organisation, after which, we'll help you integrate them effectively into your existing operations or replace old, outdated processes and procedures that are now more of a hinderance than a help. We provide our pharmaceutical validation services to the entire United Kingdom. Wherever your business is, we'll meet you at your point of need, with our expert service.

A complete list of our services is as follows:

Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

An effective and efficient LIMS is a vital part of the successful operation of any laboratory or pharmaceutical space. When selecting an appropriate one, the myriad technical details that require consideration can be overwhelming. We’ll make sure you don’t miss the wood for the trees, ensuring that the LIMS selected for your business fits your company’s needs. In addition to our pharmaceutical validation services, we can assist you in selecting the right LIMS, as well as helping you negotiate a reasonable price with the provider. We’ll ensure that all customisable elements are implemented properly and validated, in accordance with regulations.

Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

E-learning is a vital component of proper initial and ongoing employee training. It can be used to implement training for staff in all environments, manage their progress and track their development. An effective LMS, properly implemented in your company’s internal structure, can ensure that all personnel are regulatorily compliant and able to carry out their roles effectively. Our team will assist you in implementing an LMS that comprehensively manages and delivers staff training in a way that is effective and easily trackable. Thus, our validation services based in Stevenage help you render more useful staff, along with a company operating at the cutting edge of your industry.

Examples of previously implemented LMS include :

  • ISOTrain
  • ComplianceWire
  • Moodle
  • IMC Learning Suite
  • SumTotal
  • NetDimensions

Pharmaceutical Validation Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

Compliance has, historically, been viewed, in many cases, as nothing more than an insurance policy. While proper compliance does minimise the risk of a company falling foul of the law, the reality of the importance of compliance is much deeper. Compliance represents more than insurance – it’s an opportunity. The effective management of risk ensures smoother-running business systems, safer and, therefore, happier staff, as well as an increase in the overall efficacy of company operations. Many companies struggle to fully understand the scope of this but, with the assistance of our validation, our dedicated team will help implement a CMS that maximises the efficiency of your business.

Pharmaceutical Validation Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

These software systems are vital to the effective management of your company’s electronic content and documentation. They assist in the creation, storage and control of all electronic content, making it easily accessible, whenever necessary, thus improving workflow and ease of internal operations. Validation Network are adept at identifying and implementing effective systems that match the requirements of your company.

Examples of solutions characteristic of these systems include :

  • Audit Trails
  • SOP Management
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Manual Storage
  • Report Organisation
  • File Management
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Work Instruction

Pharmaceutical ValidationServices Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

Whether a burgeoning, single-site bio-tech company or a pharmaceutical device company, every organization requires an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Our validation services are available two-fold, in this regard:

+ Consultation

Firstly, our experienced team will provide a consultancy service throughout the planning and implementation stage of your project, ensuring that regulatory compliance is established early on in the process.

+ Validation

Throughout the operational phases of your project, our services ensure the ongoing validation of your ERP. We’ll assess risks, compile requisite documentation and execute validation protocols, recording and documenting validation results throughout.

Pharmaceutical Validation Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

Thanks to the decades of experience shared among our team of validation engineers, Validation Network is able to establish and implement business intelligence solutions that serve your business in reaching its goals. We help to dismantle harmful working silos and build bridges between effective ones, leading to more operationally cohesive business systems. Our validation services ensure compliance, as well as efficacy, as your company moves from strength to strength.

Our business intelligence solutions include but are not limited to :

  • Business Roadmap Development
  • Business Analytics Assessments
  • Software Selection
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Governance
  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Cloud-Based BI Solutions
  • Master Data Management
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • BI Centres of Excellence

Pharmaceutical Validation Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

When it comes to the effective conversion of your technical ability, research and product refinement into profit, CRM solutions are of paramount importance. Our validation services  will help your organisation develop CRM procedures and processes that ensure firm, long-lasting and mutually beneficial customer relationships. This service is fully customisable, ensuring the optimisation of over-the-counter sales, prescription sales, consumer health products and all manner of medical devices, both high-volume and low-volume/high-technology. Our experienced team will help you develop customer interaction strategies, perform informational analysis and develop CRM architecture for your company.

Services Available Nationwide And Throughout Uk

An effective Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) ensures that your products and services meet governmental standards and adhere to relevant regulations. These regulations have evolved considerably in recent years, as governments worldwide turn their focus to the health and wellbeing of their citizens. Our validation services  will ensure the effective deployment of an EQMS, ensuring the quality of your products and keeping you in legal compliance. The varied experience of our team covers pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as the research and development sphere, ensuring a holistic approach to the development and implementation of these systems.

Pharmaceutical Validation Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

The core of any successful Medical Device or Pharmaceutical company is the effective evolution of goods and services. Without these necessary changes to product output, a company is likely to flounder as competitors seize the advantage and occupy emerging market niches. The scramble to remain at the cutting edge often results in complex company structures and colossal, near-unmanageable product portfolios. Our validation services assist your business with mitigating these occurrences, developing scalable models that ensure the manageable growth of your business.

The PLM system that we work with include:

  • Siemens TeamCenter
  • Dassault Systems PLM
  • Aras PLM
  • Rapid Results PLM
  • PTC Windchill
  • Oracle Agile

Pharmaceutical Validation Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

Validation Network specialise in the effective tracking of process completion and management. This is applicable to a variety of business areas, including regulatory correspondence tracking, product registration tracking and quality management tracking. Our validation services ensure that your business operations are noted and managed, allowing their effective analysis and ongoing validation. From correspondence, to item actioning, to business process analysis, Validation Network present robust solutions that see your business processes refined and perfected.

Pharmaceutical Validation Services Available Nationwide And Throughout The EU

Supplier management is an integral part of quality control when it comes to the production of pharmaceutical products. Thanks to ever-tightening governmental regulations, merely stating that your suppliers are qualified and in compliance is no longer enough. Frequently, regulatory bodies will demand a critical audit of your suppliers, demonstrating in minute detail that they are trusted and qualified. Our validation services include risk-based assistance with supplier selection, evaluation and eventual qualification, in addition to ongoing monitoring program design and SOPS. Our experienced team have decades of combined experience in the pharmaceutical industry, both in R&D and in product manufacturing, and can assist you in selecting the most appropriate suppliers for your needs.

Business Systems Selected for Efficiency

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